Welcome to Asia Square Prower Group

               ASP, an integrated Myanmar native resources company, is founded in 1998. It unifies the domestic senior and local resources to provide high-end services such as professional consultations, bidding procedures, government formalities, and project planning such as constructing building, road and bridges, installing high power electrical transmission, cable, switch yards, cement factory project for the large-scale engineering projects.

               ASP wins the trust and support from the people in the industries by its excellent professional skills, rich experiences, good faith, and responsible services. It has outstanding accomplishments in the national power industry, the timber industry, the municipal highway and engineering construction industry, the cement processing industry, and agriculture, etc. ASP also actively pushes on various engineering projects in the environmental protection industry, the mining industry, the regional governmental infrastructures, and public transportation, Agriculture etc. Through our established strong resource networks, we provide premium quality services, create win-win conditions and environments, and help our partners to successfully complete the projects. This is the service aim of ASP. ASP builds its brand name by good faith, creates values by professional knowledge, and wins customer trust by keen sense of responsibilities!

               We employed technically qualified engineers, management in human relations. You may rest trust on us as we renders efficiently and our good human resource with our government personal